Dating an adderall addict

Well one thing led to another and a month later I found out I am pregnant. I know how it looks and I am not really worried about that part at this point. At this point I honestly believe my babies daddy is addicted to Adderall and is abusing it. I dont know much but over the last month I have noticed a lot of things that bothered me.

Adderal Use to Get High

He hardly ever eats, and when he does eat its late at night and very little. Twice now he has had to buy it "off the street" because his "script" that he gets from his "friend" ran out! Which means he took more then normal! But to me if he is prescribed it if he ran out of what he got from his "friend" couldnt he then go fill his own prescription. Then there is the fact that he literally stays up all night and sleeps all day long. He also takes the pills throughout the day, I have heard thats more of a once a day pill.

If taken in the morning it wont cause you to loose sleep. Well this weekend I discovered he is taking Xanax to go to sleep at night. He swears he is prescribed both these pills and that he isnt addicted to either one and if it will make me feel better he will stop taking the Xanax. I fear for his health and for my childs safety. He also drinks somewhere between half a case and a case of beer every single night. I cant imagine that taking Adderall all day long, then drinking all night and then taking Xanax around 3 and 4 in the morning is healthy.

My next fear is that if I threaten him with leaving or not seeing the baby he will just hide it from me. What should I do??????? This reads worse and worse as it goes on I'm so sorry to hear it. Different people will most often tell you the same thing different ways here, so don't take it just from me, but you are dealing with an addict in full swing. You are very much being lied to, and you have been your entire relationship.

Some will say that your relationship with the man you think you know exists in imagination only and you've been tricked the whole time. As far as your last sentence, Dont threaten. You didnt cause it, you cant control it, and you cant cure it. The "C" you can do is choose to be a part of it. You can't make an addict want to change.

i dated a drug addict: my story

All you can do is state your feelings, offer to help and remove yourself from the situation. Don't blame and don't accuse. Accept that he will be angry and defensive- addicts protect their addiction. It's what they do. Don't take it personally. Just simply state "I don't want to be in a relationship with an addict.

I'm worried for you.

This woman's scary Adderall addiction story is one we all should read

But I can't silently watch you fall deeper into addiction. I love you too much to watch this. So if you don't get help, I won't be in a relationship with you anymore. Originally Posted by Quiet Storm.

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Originally Posted by icedlatte. Thank you so much for this. This is exactly what I want to let him know. Sadly, I'm pretty sure that he will choose his meds instead of staying in this relationship. These meds are pharmaceutical speed right? If it is I would do some research on speed addicts Not trying to be mean to him, but let's just say I've seen and done a lot and can tell you that speed is right up there with all of the radical drugs that are hard to quit for life Icedlatte, he's caught in the ADHD stimulant trap.

Help! I think my boyfriend is addicted to and abusing adderall!

Initially, for someone with ADHD, stimulants cause an extreme slowdown in thinking. It makes the person with ADHD get very mellow, agreeable and rather happy and able to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. There's a problem with the stimulant meds for this. Very quickly, a tolerance develops. It takes more and more stimulants to get back to that mellow state. Pureinheart is talking about speed for a non-ADHD person and that's another can of worms entirely. But, there is a similarity in what happens as far as addiction is concerned. I have ADHD and was in this exact trap myself.

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Some people call it "chasing the dragon" because it's very similar to how a drug addict chases that initial first euphoric high they experience with drugs except with ADHD, the person is chasing that initial mellowing and focus they had. But, for someone with ADHD, once they experience being able to focus on one thing at a time and have patience like a "normal person", that in itself is addicting and they want it back. They aren't addicted to the drug but addicted to chasing down that feeling of normalcy at almost any cost. Being that your boyfriend was medicated since he was a kid, he's had years of tolerance building up so now, attempting to regain focus and concentration again would take massive amounts of Adderall.

He'll never experience the focus and mellow feeling he had in the beginning ever again. His tolerance is sky high. Doctors know all about this, they are very familiar with it and when this happens, they usually try switching the patient to other medication types.

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The key is to take care of these concerns on the addict's behalf, to minimize the excuses used to avoid treatment. Understandably, there are many factors to evaluate. Although a thorough assessment can increase their chances of seeking treatment, it may seem an overwhelming process to navigate alone. You are not alone; please call us at Who Answers?

An intervention is a process in which people meet in an attempt to encourage a loved one seek help for their addiction.

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  • Friends and family members who are impacted by the addiction and who may increase the chances of a successful outcome should be invited to participate in the intervention. Someone who is using with the addict, such as a significant other, should not be invited to the intervention as they may hinder the addict from accepting help.

    Friends and family members may start by sharing how the addict's behaviors have impacted not only the addict but them as well. Research indicates that creating a plan for treatment with precise steps, goals and guidelines is very effective in enabling a loved one to seek help. Then friends and family members can share how their loved one's potential refusal can negatively affect their lives. Because addiction is a disease that impacts the whole family, it will be necessary for friends and family members to seek help, as well.

    The Twelve Step support group Nar-Anon is a recovery program for friends and family members of addicts. This support group allows the addict's friends and family members to work the twelve steps and seek to improve their lives whether or not the addict is still using.

    About Dr. Kimberly Dennis

    For this reason, Nar-Anon can be especially beneficial if the addict were to experience a relapse into active Adderall use. Many treatment programs will provide information about various outlets for support such as Nar-Anon to family members, as participation in such programs can serve to strengthen the recovery process for everyone involved. Just as the addict can relapse, friends and family members can experience relapse by returning to behaviors that previously may have enabled the addict to continue using before they got help.

    Parents of Addicted Loved-ones PAL is a non-twelve-step group that provides education and support to parents.

    There are different treatment programs and levels of care available for someone who is addicted to Adderall to receive help. If a user was prescribed Adderall to treat a diagnosed condition but became addicted to it, it is important that the prescribing doctor is aware in case there are alternative medications available to treat the condition.